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Key Features & Benefits

Rbi Premium has introduced a revolutionary new card membership exclusively for expatriates and overseas travellers. This new membership is designed to be a more versatile and cost-effective alternative to high-priced international medical and overseas travel insurance. Rbi card membership provides better value, more benefits and the opportunity to earn cash savings and accrue tax-free interest at the end of each year.

Comprehensive Health Benefits
All medical benefits provided are worldwide. Please refer to the latest Rbi brochure in the download area for a full summary of benefits provided by our preferred insurers.
Cash on Card Outpatient Option
By selecting this option you control your outpatient expenditure and you get to keep whatever is left over with a 5% tax free interest bonus.
Global Travel Insurance
Whether traveling for business or for pleasure you will always be covered with the Rbi worldwide travel benefit.
Multi-Currency MasterCard®
This amazing card provides us with the ability to pay for approved hospital bills and claims reimbursements.
Dental Benefits
Rbi provides a one year dental warranty for up to US$5,000 upon completion of a full dental exam.
Critical Illness Cover
One of the most important free gifts you’ll ever receive. Please refer to the Critical Illness brochure for details of the benefits
Green Squares
We provide all of our members 10,000 green squares to balance out the environmental impact of our lifestyles and international travel
Bespoke Quotes
Rbi provides free no obligation personalized quotes for indivduals, couples, families and groups

Rbi Premium Elite Card Membership

Global Health Benefits | Outpatient Cash Allowance Option | Centtrip Prepaid Card

Standard Membership Benefits
The Rbi Premium Elite card memberships are arranged through the most widely known and respected suppliers from around the world.

Rbi provides more value, more benefits and the opportunity to earn cash savings and accrue tax free interest at the end of every year of membership.
  • Complementary Centtrip multi-currency prepaid MasterCard®
  • Preloaded cards for outpatient medical and dental costs (Option)
  • 5% tax-free interest payable on the end of year card balance
  • Complementary worldwide medical insurance
  • Complementary worldwide travel insurance
  • Complementary evacuation and repatriation
  • Zero excess on all claims
  • £50,000 Critical Illness Cover (Option to increase to £100,000)
  • Access to a the global network of 20,000 clinics and 7,500 hospitals
  • 24/7 worldwide assistance and support

Optional Outpatient Allowance
Members may choose traditional outpatient cover from our preferred providers or elect to receive the cash equivalent on their Centtrip Prepaid MasterCard®. This provides each member with up to US $6,000 with which to pay for outpatient or dental expenses throughout the year.

With this system the member is free to choose when and where to have treatment and they may also use the allowance for conditions that are not normally be covered by traditional health insurance such as pre-existing conditions and alternative treatments.

Any remaining balance at the end of the membership year may be retained and spent with freewill. As a further incentive to reduce spending members will receive a 5% interest payment calculated on the remaining balance at the year end.

Why RBI?

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How it Works

Key Information About Membership

Membership Structure Explained

All insurance benefits are held within a unique medical trust on behalf of Rbi members. The trust has arranged the best corporate pricing so savings can be passed on to members.

Members can currently choose policies from either Bupa or IMG, both world class health insurance providers, and outpatient can be covered by insurance or provided as a cash allowance loaded on the Centtrip prepaid card.

The Options available
Every member will receive free medical insurance. They can then add insured outpatient cover or take the cash equivalent loaded on their Centtrip Prepaid MasterCard®. Critical Illness protection of $50,000 is provided as standard with an option to increase to $100,000.
Getting a Quote
Rbi provides free no-obligation personalised quotes for individuals, couples, families and affiliated groups of applicants. Applicants can also choose from a wide range of payment options to suit their requirements.
Who Can Join
Expatriates and their families, frequent travelers. The maximum membership age is 70.
How Much It Costs
We have a bespoke quotation service so once you have completed the quote form the prices will be sent to your email.
What a Member Receives
Members receive all support documentation in electronic format sent by email. The Centtrip MasterCard® and insurance membership cards will be sent out to the member’s home or office address as specified in the application.
How The Cash Allowance Works
Up to US$6,000 per member is put on your Centtrip MasterCard® at the beginning of each year giving the member immediate access to funds for any outpatient medical or dental expenses during the year. NB: The cash allowance is an option that replaces the standard insured outpatient cover.

Members are free to decide when and where to use the allowance and the balance remaining at the end of the membership year is retained for personal spending. Most holders of traditional outpatient insurance will make a considerable saving and the hassle free claims process is an added bonus.

Free Green Squares

Members help look after the environment

My Green Squares
Green Squares are a simple and effective way of balancing the environmental cost of the lifestyles that we lead. The products we buy and the services we consume all take something out of the environment. A Green Square represents a real square foot of threatened rainforest, which you are helping to protect for a year.

All Rbi members receive 10,000 Green Squares with their memberships which equals approximately 7,000 travel miles or 1,000 Kilogrammes of CO2e which helps balance out the environmental impact of our international lifestyles and overseas travel.

My Green Squares provides members with:
  • 10,000 Green Squares (1,000 sq metres) with every membership
  • This offsets the environmental impact of 7,000 air miles
  • Save more rainforest by shopping at over 180 major retailers
  • Receive 1% cash-back on all purchases
  • Green Squares vouchers available to offset your travel
My Green Squares

Life’s a journey, travel well, and go prepared with Rbi Premium...

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Product Information

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Rbi Premium Elite Card Membership

The following Membership documents can be downloaded:

  • Rbi Brochure
  • Centtrip terms & conditions
  • Travel cover details
  • Membership quotation form
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Critical Illness Cover

All members get £50,000 of free Critical Illness cover which can be upgraded to £100,000:

  • Critical illness highlights
  • Policy details
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Corporate Benefit Solutions

Group memberships are available to companies and organisations. Learn how a group program can save your company money:

  • Corporate presentation
  • Program summary

Rbi Premium is the exclusive provider of international card memberships for expatriates and overseas travellers

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